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Yogurt Filling & Sealing Machine

Yogurt Filling & Sealing Machine

Yogurt Filling & Sealing Machine

Finished Product

Yogurt Filling & Sealing Machine

1. This is the rotary automatic packaging machine for trays and cups . With sealing & releasing functions, suitable for packing small quantity

2. The outer structure of machine is shielded with SUS304 stainless steel.

Applicattions :

Jelly, Yoghurt, Pudding, Bean curd, Mineral water, Juice, Soups, etc.

Specifications :
Model RDM-1 RDM-2 RDM-4
Capacity  (Cup/Min) 18~20 36~40 80~100
Air Compressor 2HP 3HP 5HP
Electric Power AC 220V 3 phase 1/2HP AC 220V 3 phase 1/2HP AC 220V 3 phase 2HP
 Dimensions L x W x H (m/m) 1200x1200x1600 1500x1500x1700 2000x2000x1900

* Air compressor is not included

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