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Meat Sauce Filling Packing Machine

Meat Sauce Filling Packing Machine

Meat Sauce Filling Packing Machine

Finished Product

Meat Sauce Filling Packing Machine Meat Sauce Filling Packing Machine



1. The outer structure of machine is shielded with SUS304 stainless steel which is easy to clean and maintain. The machine can be equipped with volumetric dispenser for solid, grain and liquid products. Solid/Grain ( CWM automatic computer weighing and filling machine). Liquid ( PF liquid, paste charging machine). Maximum loading per bag is 2000 gram.

2. Machine incorporates with bag feeding, filling, sealing1, sealing2 and discharging, all function works automatically.

3. Coding machine is optional.

Applicattions :

Powder, Liquid, Grain, Sauce, Viscosity, Candy, Rice, Sugar, Salt, Bean, Coffee, Fertilizer, Frozen food, Seasoning, Meatball, Curry paste, Ketchup, Jelly, Shampoo, Detergent, Conserves, and other mixing products of liquid & solid.

* Air compressor is not included.

Specifications :
Model AGM-A1
Capacity Max. 25-30 Bag/Min
Bag Size W100~150 m/m  L150~200 m/m
Filling Quantity Max. 2Kg
Electric Power AC 220V 1HP
Air Compressor 5HP
Machine Dimensions L1600 x W1630 x H1600 m/m
Product Structure
  • A lateral view of AGM-A1 & PF & CY
  • A vertical view of AGM-A1 & PF & CY
Combination Chart
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